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  • Harmonize Your Enegery Field
  • Releasing deepest blockades
  • Just wear & absorb the magic vibration

The 12 Seals of Metatron are a powerful transformational tool of the new age.
In 2011, this wonderful healing system came to earth through me and has supported numerous people in transforming their deepest blocks & challenges into joy.
Many users carry the deck of cards associated with the sigils like a talisman. For a long time I have been looking for an aesthetic solution to carry the corresponding seal(s) with you all day long. The result is now the energy jewelry.
The energy jewelry of the 12 seals is much more than a beautiful accessory... By wearing the Energy Jewelry of the 12 Seals, you create a frequency pattern individually tailored to you, which harmonizes your energy field & provides you with what you currently need.
This activates self-healing powers, builds protection, releases negative thoughts, digests unpleasant feelings, and much more. In short, by wearing the energy jewelry of the 12 seals you change your inner resonance field: In this way, your outer world can also change.
You can find out more about the 12 seals, how to use them and their possibilities directly on this page in the detailed information about the individual seals... Have fun browsing...


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