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My course, 'Why Things Are the Way They Are,' is designed to help you gain immediate insights into the root causes of your blockages and effectively overcome any scarcity mindset that might be holding you back.

Do you want to understand what sickness is on a deeper level and how to dissolve the pattern that make you relive similar situations over and over again?
Here you will find the answers. Let this free Mini – course inspire you to change the common view of the world.

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Introducing the Remarkable Power of the
12 Seals of Metatron

Unlock the incredible potential of the 12 Seals of Metatron – a simple, swift, and highly effective healing system designed to dissolve inner obstacles that may be holding you back.

"Through my mediumistic abilities, I have received a comprehensive healing and transformation system that combines the energies of color, sound, and symbols. This system is your gateway to overcoming a wide range of life challenges, including physical ailments, financial difficulties, relationship issues, low energy levels, occupational hurdles, and even the loss of essential soul components.

Think of these 12 Seals as keys that can unlock solutions for life's numerous stressors. They work with incredible precision and speed, surpassing traditional quantum healing techniques. They are, in essence, the epitome of quantum healing.

With the 12 Seals of Metatron, you can activate and enhance your 12-strand DNA, unleashing your untapped potential in new and profound ways.

Incredibly versatile, these seals are your answer to a variety of challenges, whether they are physical, material, relational, or spiritual. Whether you're seeking spiritual growth, manifestation, space purification, obstacle removal, soul retrieval, self-improvement, or the ability to help others, these seals offer a universal remedy. Activating them is as simple as reciting the associated mantra, aligning your intention with the seals' transformative energies.

The 12 Seals of Metatron seamlessly blend the vibrancy of color, the resonance of sound, and the wisdom of ancient symbolism with your unique intentions. These elements are the fundamental frequencies used by ancient tribes for their own healing.

When you activate these seals with your voice, you create a personalized transformation frequency within your energy field. This frequency dissolves the "destructive" patterns causing your challenges and activates the "healthy program" that empowers you to realize your dreams and goals.

You can begin your journey right away with our straightforward distance learning course, which provides clear guidance to help you immediately start your transformation journey, whether it's for yourself or your environment. The beauty of the seals lies in their inherent simplicity and effectiveness.

To assist you on your journey, we offer a 90-page workbook available as an ebook. It serves as a valuable guide to help you better understand and harness the power of the 12 Seals of Metatron, propelling you toward holistic healing and boundless potential. Your journey to a brighter, more fulfilling life commences with the 12 Seals of Metatron."


Personal Coaching Session

Resolve your blockages once and for all in just one hour!

I intuitively draw from my extensive repertoire to assist you in resolving your blockages and activating your highest potential.

  • My approach is entirely tailored to you! Together, we delve into the origin of your blockage, deep into your soul, and retrieve your lost soul fragments.
  • Negative experiences from the past (including those from previous incarnations) shape our lives and are stored as patterns in every cell of our bodies.
  • When negative patterns are transformed into positive ones, you change your future and reshape your life.
  • As the saying goes, "It's never too late for a happy childhood!"
  • Because I love shortcuts and can help you uncover the root cause of your blockages in a very short time using my intuition, we can achieve a lot in just one session. My approach is always "help for self-help," so typically, one appointment is sufficient.
  • I will show you how you can deepen our collaborative work with minimal effort on your own.

My clients describe working with me as "one hour with Britta is more effective than 10 hours with conventional methods!"

Your investment: 450 € for a one hour Skype Video-Session.